Useful Links

Here is a list of Karate, Jodo and Iaido-related websites. If you would like to suggest a website to add to this page, please send an email to the Site Administrator

Budokan Academy - Jishukan, Kendo, Iaido and Jodo. Situated in the beautiful grounds of Willow Pond Reception Centre at Canning Vale, WA.

Australian Kendo Renmei Association

West Australian Kendo Renmei Association (WAKR) - Western Australian website with info aboutJodo and Iaido.

WinMA - Women in Martial Arts - the Australian network for Women in all Martial Arts areas, with Annual National Conferences

Michi Online An online journal and resource centre for Japanese Cultural Arts including Martial Arts. Lots of information and includesa a good Glossary of Japanese Cultural Arts Terminology at:Michi Online Glossary

The Art of Japanese Swordsmanship

Kenseikan Karate Australia

Seido Australia - the website of the Australian Seido Karate Organization

Goshin Ryu Karate Australia - Martial Arts and Self Defense for kids and families. Established since 1966 with specific classes for adults of all ages, kids karate, kids self defence and safety awareness. Clubs in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and New Zealand.

Martial Arts World Online Martial Arts supplies

National Museum of Japanese History - a Magazine website

Australian Iaido 2002 Championship Results

The Virtual Library of Sports : Martial Arts - books, websites and more. Includes Iaido resources.

The Virtual Bookstore of Sports : Martial Arts - a service of the Virtual Library

Japanese Swords - lists of books and other useful information

Jikishin-Kai International - traditional Japanese Martial Arts: Karate-do; Iaijustu; Jojutsu; Kobudo.

Kampai Budokai - the website of a Belgian Martial Arts Group with interests in Iaido, Jodo and other weapons arts. Also features a very comprehensive links page with a wealth of interesting websites to visit. They have a sense of humour! - a martial arts compendium site.

The Lineage of Pinewood Karate - an historical timeline of Goju-Ryu Karate, showing evolution ofOkinawan-style Karate, including Myagi Chojun, Gichin Funakoshi and Mas Oyama.

The Online Budo Journal of Classical Martial Arts