(Empty Hand)

Kara conveys the idea of the void

Te means hand

Karate-do - the way of Karate - can be followed by anyone - man, woman, or child – of any age, and through Karate training we can attain the highest ideals of beauty and strength.

Karate can be interpreted as the "Absolute Hand," or the "Hand That Transcends All Duality"

Emptiness means the Absolute, or something transcendental. It is the idea that one aims ultimately to be able to immerse oneself totally in every motion, whereby one transcends duality, that is, the body and spirit become one.

Karate development starts with an understanding of the physical, as one of the major aims of theKarate-ka (practitioner) is to be able to execute every action correctly.

Through years of practice the trained body will execute every movement with complete fluidity and one no longer knows the difference of mind-body.

For the skill to become spiritual a concentration of all the physical and intuitive forces is needed. It is the aim of the martial artist to achieve such a state of mind, so that they no longer have to rely on the techniques learned.

Karate is a channel through which one immerses the self totally (narikiru) and is able to produce a contemplative awareness shifting from the external focus to the internal one.

The execution of Karate movements are intended to bring forth the awareness of one's flow of ki (energy) throughout the entire body.

Karate has an ancient heritage, however, it has proven that it can meet the demands of various eras and produce something new out of itself without rejecting those basic elements upon which it was founded.

Shihan Geordie is a 6th Dan (Rokudan) in Karate.