The Way of the Sword

The i in Iaido refers both to the existence of body and that of spirit.

The ai refers to adaptability, the spontaneous execution of movements wherever a correct response is called for.

The connotation of the do ending is that the art form is a way of life. A training method with philosophical benefits that extend to every aspect of an individual's makeup and have a profound effect for their entire lifespan.

The physical practice of Iaido includes drawing, parrying and cutting motions, as well as various methods for returning the sword to the scabbard.

Iaido is generally taught by the use of kata. The motions are designed as defenses against attacks by an imaginary opponent, and each kata teaches several principles of correct sword handling.

The purpose of Iaido is to slay an opponent or opponents with one stroke of the sword immediately after unsheathing it.

The practice of Iaido requires a calm spirit, extreme concentration, patience and skill.

It is said that the sword is like the mind -

If the mind is true, the sword is upright.
But if the mind is impure, the sword can never be wielded correctly.


The style of Iaido studied at the Shingen Academy is Seitei Iaido . Shihan Geordie is a 5th Dan in Seitei Iaido and studies under Hanshi Ramon Lawrence at the Budokan Academy in Canningvale.