Welcome to Shingen

Training is currently held each Tuesday Evening 6 - 7 pm at the Waylen Bay Scout Hall, the Strand Applecross.


Shingen (pronounced SHIN-GEN as in GAP) means "Compassionate View" and refers to the way in which we view the world and others around us. A true Martial Artist learns to understand himself and others and tries to consider the views of others when making decisions.

The Kanji characters for Shingen Do mean:
Compassionate View Way

A vital part of training is our attitude which enables us to absorb new information and develop new skills.

Using the concept of Compassion in our thinking and action, ensures that we act rather than react, and consider other points of view when making decisions.

Shihan explains compassion as 'passion for company' or being mindful of others in our actions words and thoughts.